HR Community Awards 2015 Categories

There are four main awards categories, each of which has various sub-categories. In addition, the following two  honorary distinctions will be presented:

  • 1st Distinction: Leading Personality
  • 2rd Distinction: Leading Organization

A company may be nominated in more than one sub-categories.
The organizers have the right to combine or modify the awards categories at their discretion, according to the number of nominees for each category.

The awards categories are the following:

  • 1. Culture
    • 1a. Creative Working Environment Award
      This category is about the successful practices which encourage the employees to express ideas and propose innovative and creative solutions on problems that concern all business sectors.
    • 1b. Personnel Retention Award
      This award will be presented to the the company with the highest personnel retention and loyalty rates.
    • 1c. Change Management Award
      This category examines effective change management practices and the implementation of methods aiming at the highest level of the personnel’s stability and adaptation to new working conditions.
    • 1d. Professional – Personal Life Balance Award
      It is about the balance between the professional and personal life of the employees which leads to an increase in job satisfaction and productivity.
    • 1e. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award
      This category acknowledges corporate practices which regard people and the society as a priority of the business world.
  • 2. Practices
    • 2a. Innovative Practice Award
      This category examines the originality and novelty of ideas that have been successfully designed and implemented.
    • 2b. Hygiene & Safety Award
      It acknowledges the safest and most hygienic working environment and the company which offers the best health benefits to the employees.
    • 2c. Motivational & Benefit Policy Award
      In the current adverse economic conditions, where salaries are being reduced constantly, the need for motivational policies and the cultivation of mutual trust and understanding between companies and employees becomes more and more pressing. This category examines the creation and implementation of motivating and job satisfaction programs.
    • 2d. Performance & Compensation Management Award
      It highlights the designing and application of performance management systems as well as salaries and benefits policies and examines how they contribute to the improvement of the employees’ productivity.
    • 2e. HR Education & Training Award
      It evaluates initiatives related to the organization of comprehensive educational programs which focus on and cover the personnel’s educational needs while at the same time assesses the educational results.
    • 2f. Personnel Selection Award
      It highlights new, innovative and groundbreaking personnel selection methods, which ensure that the right person is chosen for the right job.
    • 2g. Technology Application Award
      It evaluates the way in which technology is applied and utilized by HR and examines if it increases productivity and improves task completion.
    • 2h. Effective Crisis Management Award
      It acknowledges the most effective method by which HR Departments dealt with a major event that threatened to harm the organisation.
    • 2i Cross-border Human Resource Management Award
      It evaluates the implementation of Human Resources Management strategy designed by Greek companies but successfully applied to subsidiaries, which are located abroad, with the necessary adjustments .
  • 3. Leadership & HR Management
    • 3a. Best Chief Executive Officer Award
      This award will be presented to the CEO who makes the best use of HR practices as a tool of effective management.
    • 3b. Best HR Manager Award
      It will be awarded to the HR Manager who best contributed to the development and retention of his/ her company’s personnel by inspiring and motivating the employees and implementing the best practices designed by the company’s HR department, always aiming at the company’s success.
    • 3c. Best Human Resources Department Award
      It will be presented to the HR team that best contributed to the realization of their company’s strategic goals.
  • 4. Human Resources Ecosystem
    • 4a. Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Award
    • 4b. Staffing Systems Award
    • 4c. Psychometric Tools Award
    • 4d. HR Consultants Award
    • 4e. Professional Development Consultants Award
    • 4f. Hygiene & Safety Award
    • 4g. Corporate Telecommunications Services Award
    • 4h. Company Leasing Solutions Award
    • 4i. Company Additional Insurance Award
    • 4j. Intranet as HR Tool Award
    • 4k. Website and Other Interfaces Award

      The above awards will be presented to the companies that offer the most effective relevant services and systems, thus ensuring comprehensive and high quality HR Management. Furthermore, it evaluates the website and all other tools utilized by companies to attract the right candidates.