Judging Criteria

The Judging Panel will decide based on the degree up to which the candidates meet the awards criteria. Some of these criteria are the following:

  • The employees’ right to freedom of speech and expression, as it is ensured through strategy and practices.
  • The employees’ loyalty to the company, based on the average years the company retains its employees.
  • The quality of the working environment that promotes the health, the stress management and the balance between professional and personal life.
  • The commitment and the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) techniques.
  • The contribution of the HR tools and systems to the effective and qualitative management of HR department issues such as the evaluation, the education, the internal communication, the attraction, the selection.
  • The effective crisis management in order to minimize the consequences and keep the employees’ stress level at a sustainable level.
  • The best practice for salary management, implementation and evaluation of educational programs as well as the employees’ motivation.
  • The contribution of the CEO and the HR Department to the realization of their company’s strategic goals
  • The effective implementation of HR designed by Greek companies but successfully applied to subsidiaries, which are located abroad, with the necessary adjustments.

The winners of the awards will be selected by the Judging Panel, consisted by experienced executives with great knowledge in Human Resources Management.

Award Process

The Judging Panel will vote according to the criteria. Each candidate receives a rating of 1 to 100.

Winners will receive the awards as follows:

  • from 71 to 80: Bronze Award
  • from 81 to 90: Silver Award
  • from 91 to 100: Gold Award

There might be more than one winner in the same category (Bronze, Silver & Gold award).
Representatives of the organizers will notify the finalists for their distinction (Gold or Silver or Bronze), so they will attend the ceremony of HR Community Awards 2015.