The Conference

We welcome you to the era of challenges and of the re-definition of the HR Management. Today more than ever before, businesses, whether they are big, small or medium-sized, need to address the changes that are taking place on all levels of the political, social and economical field. Furthermore, they need to intensify their efforts so as to comprehend these changes and find their place in the current competitive environment.
The HR Community Conference aims to provide the necessary assistance to businesses during this difficult transition period, as the changes they are going through are constant and unpredictable. Hence, the HR Community Conference’s mission is to debate, research and determine the HR Community’s new role within the business framework and to think of ways to establish a new balance between the technocratic re-structuring of businesses and the necessity of the individual’s healthy personal and professional growth. Its ultimate goal is the contribution in the reinforcement, viability and development of the business world.
In these circumstances and in the interesting times we live in, the organization of a conference concerning all HR Management professionals is viewed as a necessity. This conference will conceive and lay anew the foundations for innovative discussions and actions with the ultimate goal to re-determine the substantial role of HR as creator of new strategies and business perspectives.


  • Panel 1: “Architecture of the work environment in Greece”
  • Presentation of research results titled “The importance of social media in personnel hiring procedures”
  • Panel 2: “HR Community: at the service of Greek entrepreneurship”
  • Videos with the title: “Proud to be HR” on Human Resources issues, produced by professionals and students
  • Panel 3: “HR Ecosystem: tools for effective HR Management”
  • Co-Creation Community Lab: “Evolution of ideas and optimization of solutions”