Why participate?

  • The participants will have the opportunity to experience an innovative and challenging exchange of knowledge and insight, which will enable them to explore various ideas and best or successful practices related to the Human Resources sector.
  • The workshops will offer the participants a creative and interactive experience, which will inspire them and allow them to cooperate in designing solutions, while at the same time they will be presented with various challenges which they will be encouraged to apply to their own businesses and organizations as well as utilize them for their personal development.
  • They will also meet and exchange ideas and opinions with executives from various business sectors and especially from the fields of creative economy and social entrepreneurship. We emphasize on the diversity of the participants as an enabler for co-creation during the conference and the challenges as well as an opportunity to form new partnerships and collaborations.
  • They will have major media and social media exposure.
  • Finally, they will have the opportunity to be among the creators of the new era of an innovative HR Community.